You Can Never Go Wrong With CheapSEOVPS

CheapSEOVPS was started to provide solution to the challenges that are often encountered while hosting.

Challenges like:

  • Dealing with downtime problems, sub-standard customer support, slow page-loads and security breaches.
  • Hassle encountered while hosting multiple websites, and
  • Working with numerous web hosting providers and having all bases covered.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the go-to provider of SEO web hosting solutions. We can help small to medium marketers and agencies to get started for an affordable monthly fee. CheapSEOVPS was founded with the aim of allowing our customer to focus on growing their businesses and not the problems listed above. We achieve this by keeping hosting fast, simple, easy and effortless. We wanted to help SEO specialists and those that want to enhance the search engine optimization of their websites.

We brought a unique approach to the hosting industry by offering better solutions, simplicity and remarkable response times. We offer our clients the chance to use a SEO tools VPS to get their sites to the top of search results for their chosen keywords.

We Don’t Oversell Our Services

In order to ensure that we retain our reputation of offering exceptional service, quick VPS’s and to also ensure that our customers get the support they deserve, we do not over-sell our services. Our fully-managed VPS, with pre-installed SEO tools, will provide you with a range of options to run your external programs without clogging your main computer’s memory.

Our Services

Our services are a class apart with our robust hardware and highly reliable network. Our SEO hosting services have been carefully engineered to deliver the best performance at an affordable price.

We offer a range of highly-competitive plans and packages that are uniquely crafted to provide flexibility and high quality SEO hosting. Thanks to our shared server having 24GB RAM, 8 x 3.5GHz with INTEL E3 cores, they enable us to provide our services at the speed of light.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Our Philosophy

At CheapSEOVPS, we believe in transparency. We also ensure that we provide quality service. Our goal is always to be the best either through the hardware we choose, our services or our support. Our team of highly trained and experienced experts is our asset.

We believe that you need the right service to make an affirmed decision about as company. Thus, we provide unparalleled services to our customers to ensure that they are satisfied.

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