Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Our SEO Dedicated Servers are carefully designed to ensure a reliable, robust and incredibly satisfactory hosting experience. We offer a wide selection of models that are fully customizable and are designed to meet most hosting needs, powered by our Enterprise-level Network. If you need a more personalized solution or have any questions, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to assist you.

BASICNano U2250 1.60GHz4 GB1 / 11 X 500 GB SSHD2,5 Gbit/sLinux19.98$/mFRANCE
SMALL SATAIntel C2750 2.40GHz16 GB81 x 1 TB SATA2,5 Gbit/sWIN/Linux59.99$/mFRANCE
SMALL SSDIntel C2750 2.40GHz16 GB81 x 120 GB SSD2,5 Gbit/sWIN/Linux59.90$/mFRANCE
SMALL XEONXeon X3450 2.66Ghz8 GB82 x 1TB100 MbpsWIN/Linux99.90$/mFRANCE
STARTERIntel Xeon E3 1220v38 GB4 / 42 x 1 TB SATA1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux109.90$/mFRANCE
PRO16Intel Xeon E3 1230v216 GB4 / 82 x 1 TB SATA1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux149.90$/mFRANCE
PRO32Intel Xeon E3 1230v232 GB4 / 82 x 1 TB SATA1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux169.90$/mFRANCE
PRO64SSDIntel Xeon E5 1410v264 GB4 / 82 x 500 SSD1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux199.90$/mFRANCE
PRO64SATAIntel Xeon E5 1410v264 GB4 / 82 X 2 TB SATA1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux199.90$/mFRANCE
PRO64SASIntel Xeon E5 1410v264 GB4 / 82 X 300 SAS1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux199.90$/mFRANCE
STRONGXeon E5 165032 GB6/122 X 600 SAS1 Gbit/sWIN/Linux290.90$/mFRANCE

Whats included

Enterprise hardware

You’ll get secured CPU and memory amounts for faster speeds. At the same time, you will benefit from a no–cost Control Panel as a valuable reward.

24/7 Support

We know time is money, our around the clock expert ticket support will always help you solve your problems in 9 hours.

No contracts

We would rather keep you because you love our service and not because you have a contract that is holding you down.

Secure servers

We understand that network uptime is crucial for your valuable online presence and this is why our entire network is fully redundant. Your hosting and servers will be accessible and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.We strive to hold a 100% uptime for all of our servers.

Free installs

Our Dedicated servers comes with free installs.

Easy Control Panel

Manage your Dedicated server from our Client Area.

Knowledge base
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