Best Forex VPS Hosting, Why?

Best forex vps hosting has become a profitable business nowadays. People are investing in Forex with hope that they can make it big one day. And ISP connectivity issues and unsecure platforms are just two of the challenges that forex traders needs to face in the field. When doing forex, serious traders are considering using cheap forex VPS due to the trading’s time-sensitive nature. A cheap Windows VPS is one of the keys to make your forex venture a real success.

Best Forex VPS Hosting - Secure VPS for your Trading

Our Best Forex VPS Hosting is customized to your Forex Trading needs. Our Forex VPS is the most respected in the Forex trading niche. We give you 100% control over the server.

Best Forex VPS with Full Support for Improved Performance

Our Best Forex VPS Hosting specials come with full hosting support. With four different packages to pick from, you will definitely find one that will suit your forex trading needs as even the basic package provides a list of the most essential tools needed for your forex trading.

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By making use of our Best Forex VPS Hosting, you will be in charge of your system updates and security. Our Forex VPS  has no limits and works flawlessly with an impressive speed. You can access the Forex VPS from anywhere via any number of devices.

Fast Delivery

Orders are processed very fast to ensure delivery within 24 hours after verifying payments.

99.9% Uptime

We guarantee you 99,99% uptime. Your Forex VPS will keep running even if you are disconnected.

High Quality

All Forex servers have SSD and 1 Gbit shared network line.

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Windows VPS with High CPU Rate

STARTER1@ 3,5 GHz1 GB3.5 GHz35 GBWIN20089.98$/mFRANCE
JUNIOR2 @ 3,5 GHz2 GB7.0 GHz70 GBWIN200822.98$/mFRANCE
Business4 @ 3,5 GHz4 GB14 GHz100 GBWIN200843.98$/mFRANCE

Our Best Cheap Forex VPS Plan

STARTER1@ XEON1 GB2.4 GHz100 Mbps30 GBWIN20085$/mFRANCE/Netherlands
JUNIOR2 @ XEON2 GB4.8 GHz1 Gbit40 GBWIN200811.98$/mFRANCE/Netherlands
SOHO3 @ XEON3 GB7,2 GHz1 Gbit50 GBWIN200817.98$/mFRANCE/Netherlands
BUSINESS4 @ XEON4 GB9.4 GHz1 Gbit80 GBWIN200824.98$/mFRANCE/Netherlands

Benefits of Best forex vps hosting

If you are only using a desktop to conduct your forex trading, then cheap forex VPS can be an incredible option for you. Apart from guaranteed security, a virtual private server is also another efficient way to trade especially if your broker does not offer an online trading option. This means that cheap forex VPS will permit you to continue trading even if you are offline or if you are experiencing a power outage. Therefore, a cheap virtual private server will offer you a wider range of forex trading than what you would originally be having without it. Read on to find out more.

Reduced slippage

This is one of befits of cheap forex VPS irrespective of whether you use an automated or manual trading. This is because cheap forex virtual private server is efficient in the transmission of orders than your PC can. The outcome of this is that you experience minimal delays and slippages in your trading. Typically, slippage cost you a lot when it occurs. Therefore, using cheap forex VPS is a greater way of curbing these losses.

Network Stability

The worse thing that can happen to you is your network crashing when you are in the middle of your transactions. Fortunately, cheap forex VPS can have you covered because your connections are monitored very keenly to provide you with the best experience. On your regular connection, you can hardly walk away from your computer. However, with the VPS connections, you can leave your platform running knowing that your connections are secure and stable. Additionally, other challenges which result from poor connections like missing out on great offers will also be gone.

Enhanced security

Conducting your trades on the same operating system and network that you use for personal business can be a bit insecure. Even though the local networks that we use might be secured with passwords, they remain venerable to attacks from outside. However, cheap forex VPS adds another layer of security to your trading. This means that it becomes difficult for viruses to get through or the hackers to get access to your trades.

You can trade from anywhere

Perhaps you do not have a laptop, or your broker does not support mobile trading, or even your broker does not offer an online platform he/she requires a download. If you are in such situation, cheap forex VPS can be a good option for you. This is because all you need is a network connection to log in to your trading account from anywhere and you are ready to go.

Frequently Ask Question

We do not offer trial periods on our services. However we have no question ask back money guarantee on cheap Forex VPS. Try it within 24 hours, if you don’t like the VPS, we refund your money. Please open a ticket on your client area if you like to get a refund.

we think that 24 hours is enough to test the performance and speed of your VPS. According to us 24hrs are more than enough for you to check the quality of the service we provide.

No refunds on Dedicated servers once being delivered.

Our servers are auto-deployed. You will get access to the VPS instantly after you have made the payment.

You are free to install any traders.

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