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3 Steps to Make Website Design SEO-Friendly

Let’s say you have a stunning, well-branded e-commerce site. However, you’re not sure why there’s no organic traffic from Google search results.

Or you have the opposite problem – your website contains all the right content and keywords. However, the design tends to be unattractive and as a result, you have poor bounce rates.

This is a balancing act all online businesses must face. Not only does a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website help your audience find what they are looking for, but these are both fundamental factors in boosting overall conversion rates.

There are steps you can take to improve website design and SEO optimization without sacrificing either.

1. Begin with SEO

Many times, a business will make the mistake of hiring a website designer first. If your website designer is not an SEO expert, they may use code that is considered complicated from a search engine’s perspective. This can lead to overall reduced traffic. Instead, begin your process with a backend that is already optimized. It will be easier to build an attractive website around this code, rather than the other way around.

Content is king, so write content with relevant keywords and headings that you plan on using. The more organized your website structure and content, the easier Google crawlers can index your website.

2. Follow-through with Design

A website that is not very responsive or is generally confusing is guaranteed to push web visitors elsewhere. As a business owner who is trying to succeed, you ought to be thinking of website design in terms of your overall brand awareness. Whatever your niche, good design should be at the top of your priority list.

Elements of cohesive design are traditionally clean and simple. Avoid the deadly mistake of complex or confusing layouts. Design according to the existing content and make it easy for users to read information about your company. Use original images and graphics as well as featured videos to increase web page popularity. As you add visual elements, keep SEO practices in mind. For example, using Flash is commonly bad for SEO, so if you must use it, use it sparingly.

3. End with Usability

Specialists in website design and search engine optimization are traditionally two separate departments, so it can be a challenge to devote the time and energy to both aspects of your campaign and make it absolutely cohesive. This is why usability is vital. Testing your website for your target audience determines your success, from the conception of the site to the publication of it. Here’s a quick usability checklist to get started:

• Is the main navigation clear?
• Is the company logo prominently placed?
• Are all headings descriptive and easy to read?
• Is the loading time reasonable?
• Are there too many/too few links?
• Are styles and colors consistent?
• Are there too many advertisements/pop-ups?
• Is the website mobile-friendly?

Boost Conversion Rates With SEO-Friendly Website Design

Of course, this is not an all-inclusive list. With help from a team of SEO and web design experts, you can focus on other aspects of your business and feel confident that your business will gain a competitive edge over other organizations in your forte. www.cheapseovps.net is here to help.


Offshore SEO VPS Solution for you

Tips of Choose the best Offshore SEO VPS Solution

Are you looking for an affordable offshore SEO VPS provider? Searching for a scalable and affordable offshore SEO VPS provider is a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner or professional marketer. Offshore SEO VPS is the best VPS solution available. Here are the major highlights you need to consider when choosing an Offshore SEO VPS provider:

Strict towards overselling

Any Offshore SEO VPS priority should be the user’s profit. Before choosing any Offshore SEO VPS , you must be assured of getting the best services possible. Make sure the server space is not overpopulated by checking the website loading speed and the resources allocated to a single user.


If you should decide to use any Offshore SEO VPS , let it be because of reliability. Make sure they guarantee you 99.99% uptime.


Before you choose an Offshore SEO VPS server, you should definitely expect higher speed. The Offshore SEO VPS server should be capable of delivering the maximum speed. You can easily realize an Offshore SEO VPS server speed by checking the bandwidth usage. The higher the bandwidth, the faster the speed.

Compare our Offshore SEO VPS

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User-friendly control panel

To handle the complex task on the server, you need a user-friendly control panel. You need a control panel that even a novice can easily handle when completing complex tasks. The control panel should be easily replaceable with other control panels available in the market.

Privacy and security

Vital data such as personal information, should not be leaked under any circumstance. An Offshore SEO VPS assures all its users of maximum security. The use of security algorithms is important to prevent any data theft, maintain user’s privacy and avoid malicious attacks.

Pricing and packages

Pricing and packages should offer different Offshore SEO VPS plan. Depending on your needs, you can choose the plan that suitable for you and you should be able to upgrade to a different plan in case you have high demands.

Extraordinary customer support.

Your queries need to solve by knowledgeable and executive customer care support via either email, phone calls or live chat option 24×7.

Offshore SEO VPS 

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