How To Rank High In Google Places/Maps

How To Rank High In Google Places/Maps

Google my business also known as Google Places listings I run my own affiliate sites so outside of local SEO I do have my own affiliate sites that bring in monthly revenue and also i do lead generation websites which are local SEO sites that just generate leads and i will sell these leads to local clients so I’ve been in local SEO for a while now and I understand how Google works so google places or Google my business pretty much has all of these names over the years it’s changed its name several times but you have to think of all of these is just one so Google Places is now known as Google my business so whenever you hear somebody maybe you hear someone pitching it to you a local SEO like myself and I your business.

Unclaimed google maps are an unclaimed Google my business or Google Places these are all the same thing it’s it’s essentially you claiming your business or if your local SEO doing this for business owner you’re claiming the business for them the listing for them and you’re managing it all in one place so the benefits of having a google my places or Google my business excuse me I get the name still mixed up a Google my business listing is that a fat they rank a lot faster.

Than if you were trying to rank a website organically in the SEO search results so let me show you what i mean so within this red square here as my little wonderful design you can see that i searched plumbing Boston Mass at the top in the search bar top left and you can see that it shows three separate area so let me exit out here and i can show you guys with my mouse so this is an advertisement these three listings Boston Mass plumber plumber now one and roto-rooter plumbers so you can see the little yellow add listing next to it you have to pay for these three clicks oh this is known as Google Adwords or pay-per-click and that’s the same with these on the side it says ads right here so it continues down so it runs anywhere from a few pennies to lots of money even up to a hundred dollars per click for certain niches so that can get really expensive the second thing we see is the Google my business listing or the seven pack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and you can see more if you want but it we call the seven pack because it is a pack of 7 results and it shows on the name of the company the reviews.

Google+ page and their address and then we have the organic results which is what I was talking about which it takes a long time to rank in so our ranking in the seven pack is much faster than ranking organically and that’s down here these are no these are not ads and they’re also not a seven pack they’re just known as organic results they definitely out like i said our lock keeper than PPC you know it’s free to register and clean your listing and show you guys how to do that i’m gonna show you how to do it for business owner if you do our local SEO providing services because there’s a couple situations that can get messy maybe they’ve claimed that already etc we’ll get more into that but the higher the click-through rate it’s it’s better it does have a higher click-through rate because as you can see it has these reviews so obviously if you have better reviews it’s going to be clicked on more and also just sticks out a lot more on the page it’s a proven to have a clock higher click-through rate and then higher conversions to or on it has a call to action built into it as you can see it has this you know listing ABCD.

And it’s on the map so it has a call to action on this search engine result page but when you click in there you can if you’re on mobile you can even click and call the number which is great so it’s a very strong call to action there’s definitely a lot of benefits if your local SEO doing this for your client or your business owner and you want to do this for yourself it’s it’s really incredible so creating more cleaning your page the first thing you’re going to do is go to google.com / business and i’m going to explain the three options they give to you so let’s go over there real quick my district in google.com / business and it redirected me to hear so we have the option of a storefront a service area and a brand so a storefront would be like a restaurant or retail store a hotel really a location that is static and not moving it can have multiple locations so if your franchise i can show you how to do that the second is a service area which would be a plumber pizza delivery a taxi service you are going to the customer now you can have a storefront and also go to the customer and i’ll show you guys how to do that it can be a combination of the two but just keep this in mind that you know you’re starting from here then you have the brand which is like a product or sports team or music band may be a cause or an organization but since we’re doing local SEO most you guys are going to be doing a storefront or a service area so explain that a little bit here and this is what i want to explain a little more we when I was saying business situations so there’s a couple situations that you have when you go to claim a listing and the ones that I see the most are someone else already owns the listing so maybe you claimed it when you first open your business or if you are a local SEO.

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