VPS server: new age hosting

VPS server: new age hosting

You would have a very good idea, great content and a fanbase. A really awesome recipe for a great site is on the go here. But let us stop you there. Are we forgetting something here? Something without which we cannot think about owning a website? Something that will ensure great user performance? Yes i’m talking about hosting options or servers. The Ghosting is and important yet very tricky factor of website handling. What would be just right? Dedicated servers and shared hosting has been around forever and each has it’s own downsides. But the new VPS server sensation is a great way and option for the quality cotent based website.

VPS Servers

VPS servers have a big USP. Lertt’s get on to the basics of a VPS server. Virtual private servers are hosting devices that have:

  • At least 1TB of hard disk spce(SATA/SSD)
  • 4GB and up ram
  • Windows server os/ LInux
  • Admin panel

These are basically VPS server specs. If you want VPS server specs go to the link and learn more.

But let’s cut to the chase and show you why VPS server has the edge. Dedicated servers are very powerful servers which can handle heavy workloads with heavy performance and great processing these are used for big projects. But with all that good comes the really hefty pricetag. We cannot cover all of that cost. Shared hosting improves upon the price. But has to cut corners for the performance. Shared hosting has quite the low of performance issues. VPS server actually improves and uses both of the positive aspects.

Why VPS server works?

VPS server is a system of the future. It has since gained great popularity. It is getting more and more popular. It improves upon the two other hosting practices shortcomings. It offers value for money. As we have said before the admin panel or rights option is a great way to be in control of the website. Shared hosting cannot provide that. Dedicatedx servers are too expensive at that. But with mid range specs VPS server just makes it a more pleasurable experience.

A good site

For more VPS server specs visit our site with added value for money.

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