Windows VPS: Know your hosting

Windows VPS: Know your hosting

VPS and windows VPS

Website hosting and servers go a long way and has been pivotal to a website’s overall performance and popularity. Well nowadays Virtual private servers have done quite the splash in the web hosting area. Because of it’s flexible features, independent admin rights and frankly the cost being just perfect. Windows is the most popular PC operating system in the world. period. No doubts there. Software based products from Microsoft has the support of so many able people and aree lauded by user and critics alike. Windows VPS is a virtual private server which runs on Microsoft’s Windows server OS.


Windows is the most  popular PC OS in the world as mentioned before. Most of the people use Windows OS in their PC. It would be safe to say that Windows VPS can also reap from the popularity the OS enjoys. Such goes for Windows server OS as well. People tend to go for a product which has that brand value attached to it. As the normal PCs are run by the ever popular OS people will opt for the bigger server version as well. The familiar landscape and control capabilities makes it an obvious choice for website owners in general.


The control panel of a server determines how the server might be controlled. The more flexible controls are the better. We all have grown accustomed to the absolutely familiar ways of windows. So Windows VPS would also be very very familiar. This gives a person a uniqueness that results in smooth work.

How to open a Windows server account?

To open and use Windows server one has to use two ways.

  1. Using interface
  2. Use command line

using interface is simple. just go to create a new account option and fill in thye name fields.Modifying the name and afterwards give a user logon name from the drop down menu. And then set a password also confirm it.

In command line option first open the command line and type


If you need the hardware idea there are some windows vps sites where you can find details.

Acquiring a service

In the web you can find many providers who give you great options for Windows VPS services. But if you want an option that suits your budget as well then this might help immensely.

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