WordPress SEO 3 Tips to Rank

WordPress SEO 3 Tips to Rank

How to do search engine optimization or SEO for your business now SEO has changed a lot and it’s going to continue to change but there are some basic principles that can be that will be valuable to you no matter out what stage in the game you’re watching this whether it’s today or a year from today so here are the three things that we’re going to cover today number one you’ve got to be creating great content all the time regularly your website can never just sit you’re going to need to optimize that content using the wordpress SEO plugin called Yost and you’re going to want to go and download that right away third create an XML sitemap using the Yoast plug-in and send it to the search engines so that they recrawl your site this will help you to rank for those new pages immediately and put more content.

Installed Yoast plug-in for SEO and i can tell because I’ve got these SEO fields right here but I’ve also got a series of green gray red and I might even have some orange dots in here somewhere which basically means have not been optimized poorly optimized ready to optimize. There’s an orange button or yellow button that says kind of like middle of the road could use some more work so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pick a page it’s not optimized how about my about us page and i’m going to go in here you can see I’ve already written the content here and i’m going to scroll down to the word pressed by Yoast field section down here and then I’m going to start to optimize the page by first focusing on a main keyword which would be video marketing companies and it’s going to run a test for me to find out where I’m optimized so now I need to know now.

I know that i need to add the keyword in the article heading the page title the page URL and so forth so i’m going to go ahead and get those things done right now ok now you can see that we’ve got some changes here we’ve got all the key at the keywords found where they need to be it says no right here but the key word is in the article heading so i’m not sure why that’s not working but overall you can see that we have a good check on our SEO so my goal now would be to optimize for more pages so that you have a total of five and then you can move on to your next step and xml sitemap is a file that helps Google to understand your web site structure a little bit more effectively and it makes it more crawlable and searchable for the search engines so let’s go back to my computer and take a look at what that looks like ok so we’re back in the website.

Here in the back and you can see that our about Us page has been properly optimized so now we’re gonna go to the left hand side of the screen and we’re going to scroll down to where it says SEO and we’re going to click on xml sitemaps and what we’re going to do here is generate a site map and send it for to google and that is going to recrawl the site automatically so we’re going to go up here this is really easy check this box to enable xml sitemap functionality you can retrieve your site map here which is need to kind of look at because you can see if you’ve got any dead links and things like that now what.

I have here is some general settings it’s automatically going to paint google and being but it’s not going to pay yahoo and asked , unless you click these buttons which I’ve done I am excluding a variety of my post types because i don’t want things like my images to pop up or pages that i don’t have content for like my faq for my news right these are features of my theme that I don’t need google crawling because it’s going to make me I don’t want somebody stumbling on those pages similarly I want to exclude these taxonomy is right.

I don’t want people finding my categories page or my tags page and and things like this you may opt out of that i’m not going to do that i’m going to save changes and boom it’s done it’s saved my xml sitemap and it’s automatically ping to Google and being so now Google’s going to crawl my side and they’re going to see my new pages with my new optimization and that’s going to help those pages rank faster whoa so we did a lot of stuff here today and they were really breaking down into three simple steps which is creating optimized pages this is a process that has to be going on throughout the course of your website you know build five new pages a month for example then create an XML sitemap.

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