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VPS Hosting – Make VPS Hosting Great Again!!!

VPS Hosting: Power and Flexibility

Sometimes you just need more Web hosting power. If you’re looking to take your business online and want to build your website on a server that offers more power and flexibility than shared hosting, but you don’t want to pay the higher cost of dedicated hosting, virtual private server VPS hosting may be the right type of service for your business. Here’s why:


What Is VPS Hosting?

vps hostingVPS Hosting contained the best elements of shared hosting and dedicated hosting services. Like shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server that also has other sites running on it, except that there are fewer sites per server. The sites share the cost of running on the server, which results in a monthly or yearly charge that’s less than the relatively high price tag of dedicated hosting. As a result of VPS Hosting is hybrid nature, its cost isn’t quite as low as shared hosts’ fees, but it’s not nearly as high as dedicated hosts’ fees. You can expect to pay between $20 per month and $100 per month, depending on the VPS configuration. Shared Web hosting, on the other hand, is incredibly cheap; you can set up shop for less than $10 per month. Dedicated Web hosting will typically set you back $100 per month or more.

Most VPS Hosting only offer servers running Linux-based operating systems; you’ll need to dig a bit to find Windows-based VPS hosting. This is important to note if you’re planning on running software that requires a Microsoft-compatible environment. That said, Linux-based VPS hosting will save you a few bucks; Linux servers usually cost $10 to $20 less than Windows servers.

VPS essentials

If you host it in a VPS environment, your site won’t share resources with neighboring sites, the way it would with shared hosting. In fact, your site lives in a partitioned server area that has its operating system, storage, RAM, and monthly data transfer limits so that you can expect smoother, more stable site performance. The sites with which you share your server are far less likely to affect your site—or even take it down altogether—than they would be on a shared site. Knowing how VPS setups operate is just the first step, however. You still need to familiarize yourself with the essential features needed for building a rock-solid, VPS-hosted website.


Uptime, Downtime

Every one of the elements I’ve nitty gritty to this indicate are significant the Web facilitating knowledge, yet none matches the basic significance of website uptime. In the event that your site is down, customers or clients will be not able discover you or get to your items or administrations. It doesn’t make a difference how awesome the components are, or how great it looks; if your site is down, it should not exist.  As of late, we’ve added more-formal uptime checking to our survey procedure, and the outcomes demonstrate that most Web hosts make a fabulous showing with regards to of keeping locales up and running.

Regardless of the possibility that they get everything else right, destinations with uptime issues aren’t qualified for high scores. All administrations endure high points and low points, here and there for reasons outside their ability to control. Those destinations that neglect to address the issue in an auspicious way are punished as needs be.

Do You Need Web VPS Hosting?

If you want reasonably priced server space that won’t load pages at a snail’s pace. hen a neighboring site gets a huge traffic spike. VPS is a good option for your business. We’ve reviewed many VPS hosting services and included the best of the bunch in this guide. You should look into a dedicated server if you want to build a website on an even stronger foundation and can afford the bill.



SEO VPS Tools Help You Get More Advantages Than Others

A Great SEO VPS Tools Deal

A great deal of on the web advertisers proposes Web advancement apparatuses for a much better administration of Web page. These days on-line wage regularly makes more from your online business if your site has fabulous rank in internet searcher. The primary web search tool is Google. Totally everybody needs to have a remarkable position of site ranking in Google.Up until now, they’ve extra in abundance of three hundred million articles running from wine jugs to Computer screens. It is truly a branch from the “semantic World wide web” thought, which tries to classify focuses and ideas as opposed to mostly filter message on Websites for expressions.  Our SEO VPS Tools apparatuses and prepare yourself for more benefit. The recipe is basic for procuring more benefit from the online business.

Why Choose us for SEO VPS Tools

seo vps toolsCheapseovps.com, Digital Non-open Hosting (VPS) offers an exceptionally adaptable Remedy for your facilitating wishes. Also with our VPS Search motor promoting facilitating you will get extensive Manage and appreciate a custom fitted facilitating surroundings that fulfill best to your particular individual necessities. Our SEO VPS Tools Hosting technique is fast and profitable. Call attention to of-the-workmanship equipment, full root gets to, and moderateness can make our VPS facilitating an ultimate choice for developing associations. VPS Hosting at Rankfirsthosting.com typically takes your World wide web business into a future stage. Our VPS promoting alternatives are an unusual blend of cost and electric power.

Virtual Non-open Server (VPS) alludes to some virtual gear. Also it is only a way to deal with apportioning an Actual physical server Personal PC into various servers regarding the individual customer’s need. In any case that, you may impart the server to a modest bunch Many others, This gives you Virtually the same amount of Manage for a devoted server.We give completely free VPS World wide web board, through which you can deal with one or different VPS servers from your favored program, Android or Apple iPhone portable Scrapebox VPS telephone. We additionally support and give the preferred facilitating Manage boards: cPanel/WHM, Plesk, best VPS for search engine optimization apparatuses and WebSitePanel.

Also we allocate an engaged IP handle to your web web page for SEO VPS SERVER the security of your client’s points of interest carried on Just about each exchange. Because you website optimization windows VPS may get your IP from our IP agenda.

How Profitable Can SEO VPS Tools Be?

Nowadays everybody needs to win more benefit from online business, and website design enhancement apparatuses SEO VPS Tools are the best alternative for getting a higher position in web indexes. As our VPS accompanies some devices as of now introduced. Because these devices help you a ton in getting more top positioning in web search tools. Because entirely are a couple of elements that help you in getting higher positioning in web indexes. Also back connections are on of most crucial part. Google or some other web index compute positioning of your site on the premise of a number of backlinks. In this way, more the back connections you have there is more prominent the shot of getting higher positioning in web search tool.

There are a couple of advantages of utilizing SEO VPS Tools. Because everybody is utilizing SEO VPS Tools and making more back connections. Also by making just physically back connections, we can’t contend with our rivals. Indeed, even numerous SEO organizations utilize SEO instruments to work back connections for their customers. For utilizing SEO devices, there is no need enough information of SEO. All you need to take in the working of apparatuses and begin making joins. Inside few days you will get a huge number of back connections and incredible change in web index positioning.

Along these lines, not hold up and take advantage of our SEO VPS Tools apparatuses. You should prepare yourself for more benefit. The recipe is basic for procuring more benefit from the online business. Better the positioning of your site and more opportunities to obtain more benefit. For online business about the activity. The activity assume critical part in online business


How SEO VPS Tools has an Edge Over All Others

As we have said countless times before that hosting is part and parcel of your web development and website basics. But we will ultimately stress over the fact that what should be our hosting option? For a newbie web developer, this puts a lot of stress on our sites overall well-being. A person who has compiled and put together a top notch website from his skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and jquery but ultimately cannot comprehend on the fact if one should go for a dedicated server, shared or a VPS. If you are new and want to be the boss of yourself than getting an SEO VPS tools and the overall breakdown of it is in order

VPS vs. Shared vs. Dedicated

SEO VPS ToolsWell before going into all the debate let’s clear out some of the finer things first. Shared hosting is an easily affordable hosting system. But it has petite conveniences other than that. It has really small configuration and very limited advantages. You have to rely on other admins to get you changes to your hosting system. The dedicated system, on the other hand, is a much smarter option. It has a powerful configuration, unlike shared hosting. But it is used only for huge projects such as space stations and mature plants and factories. It is expensive and has a lot of maintenance cost as well. But in between these two is the VPS. Let’s look at SEO VPS tools to be exact.

SEO VPS Tools is a VPS package. VPS is an abbreviated form of Virtual private server. It has a very modest price range. Because of that it is also in the mid-range in term of specifications. Why SEO VPS tools is a good question. Let’s look at some advantages of this package

  • 1 TB of space minimum
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Linux or Windows based network software
  • Admin panel

The most noteworthy among all these characteristics is the admin panel. It gives the user full control of the hosting. It is also done in a very easy way. SEO VPS tools package has quite a few tools which help with the webmaster’s work of making the content stand out.

What we give in our package

If you need a comprehensive SEO VPS tools package that suits your test then we have the answer for you. Our package has every one of the aforementioned features and also more tools for your use some of our available tools are

  • Scrapebox v2
  • Senuke
  • SEnuke Bio & Spinner
  • SemRush
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mass Video Blaster Pro
  • Market Samurai
  • Money Robot
  • Pin Blaster

So if you have any confusion about which SEO VPS tools package you should consider, then these are probably your best choice. So whenever you need a smart optimized package which gives you all the perfect quirks you need for your site’s growth then SEO VPS tools may just be your answer.


How To Rank High In Google Places/Maps

Google my business also known as Google Places listings I run my own affiliate sites so outside of local SEO I do have my own affiliate sites that bring in monthly revenue and also i do lead generation websites which are local SEO sites that just generate leads and i will sell these leads to local clients so I’ve been in local SEO for a while now and I understand how Google works so google places or Google my business pretty much has all of these names over the years it’s changed its name several times but you have to think of all of these is just one so Google Places is now known as Google my business so whenever you hear somebody maybe you hear someone pitching it to you a local SEO like myself and I your business.

Unclaimed google maps are an unclaimed Google my business or Google Places these are all the same thing it’s it’s essentially you claiming your business or if your local SEO doing this for business owner you’re claiming the business for them the listing for them and you’re managing it all in one place so the benefits of having a google my places or Google my business excuse me I get the name still mixed up a Google my business listing is that a fat they rank a lot faster.

Than if you were trying to rank a website organically in the SEO search results so let me show you what i mean so within this red square here as my little wonderful design you can see that i searched plumbing Boston Mass at the top in the search bar top left and you can see that it shows three separate area so let me exit out here and i can show you guys with my mouse so this is an advertisement these three listings Boston Mass plumber plumber now one and roto-rooter plumbers so you can see the little yellow add listing next to it you have to pay for these three clicks oh this is known as Google Adwords or pay-per-click and that’s the same with these on the side it says ads right here so it continues down so it runs anywhere from a few pennies to lots of money even up to a hundred dollars per click for certain niches so that can get really expensive the second thing we see is the Google my business listing or the seven pack 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and you can see more if you want but it we call the seven pack because it is a pack of 7 results and it shows on the name of the company the reviews.

Google+ page and their address and then we have the organic results which is what I was talking about which it takes a long time to rank in so our ranking in the seven pack is much faster than ranking organically and that’s down here these are no these are not ads and they’re also not a seven pack they’re just known as organic results they definitely out like i said our lock keeper than PPC you know it’s free to register and clean your listing and show you guys how to do that i’m gonna show you how to do it for business owner if you do our local SEO providing services because there’s a couple situations that can get messy maybe they’ve claimed that already etc we’ll get more into that but the higher the click-through rate it’s it’s better it does have a higher click-through rate because as you can see it has these reviews so obviously if you have better reviews it’s going to be clicked on more and also just sticks out a lot more on the page it’s a proven to have a clock higher click-through rate and then higher conversions to or on it has a call to action built into it as you can see it has this you know listing ABCD.

And it’s on the map so it has a call to action on this search engine result page but when you click in there you can if you’re on mobile you can even click and call the number which is great so it’s a very strong call to action there’s definitely a lot of benefits if your local SEO doing this for your client or your business owner and you want to do this for yourself it’s it’s really incredible so creating more cleaning your page the first thing you’re going to do is go to google.com / business and i’m going to explain the three options they give to you so let’s go over there real quick my district in google.com / business and it redirected me to hear so we have the option of a storefront a service area and a brand so a storefront would be like a restaurant or retail store a hotel really a location that is static and not moving it can have multiple locations so if your franchise i can show you how to do that the second is a service area which would be a plumber pizza delivery a taxi service you are going to the customer now you can have a storefront and also go to the customer and i’ll show you guys how to do that it can be a combination of the two but just keep this in mind that you know you’re starting from here then you have the brand which is like a product or sports team or music band may be a cause or an organization but since we’re doing local SEO most you guys are going to be doing a storefront or a service area so explain that a little bit here and this is what i want to explain a little more we when I was saying business situations so there’s a couple situations that you have when you go to claim a listing and the ones that I see the most are someone else already owns the listing so maybe you claimed it when you first open your business or if you are a local SEO.


Senuke VPS – Why You have to Run Senuke with Our VPS

Senuke VPS – Why Our Hosting Matters

Senuke VPSSome old-school individuals out there reveal to you that Hosting doesn’t make a difference. They instruct you to make a site and put it on the web, and you’ll be okay. It doesn’t make a difference what Hosting arrangement you choose.These individuals are living in some substitute universe. Hosting does make a difference. You can’t get around this reality, regardless of how hard you attempt. If you run with shared facilitating, you won’t get similar outcomes that you’ll get with a Senuke VPS. Can’t be ignored.It’s imperative to comprehend that web crawlers, similar to Google, take a gander at an assortment of variables while deciding your page rank, and a significant portion of those elements depend on how you’re facilitating organization performs. On the off chance that you look at shared and VPS Hosting, with our quality VPS assisting wins each time. If you need the best for your site, which implies you need to consider SEO. If you need a great one-two SEO punch, you have to join a VPS with Senuke VPS. Whenever joined, you can make an effective SEO crusade that brings down the opposition. Which is why you choose us.


Adjoining Senuke with VPS – Senuke VPS


It is essential to comprehend that there is no such thing as a difficult bit of programming. Similarly, as with some other SEO instrument, you get what you put into Senuke. If you would prefer not to put at whatever time or exertion into the procedure, you won’t receive anything consequently. It automates a considerable measure of the work for you, yet despite everything you have to do a portion of the work. For occurrence, you should figure out which watchwords you have to rank for and after that info that data into the product. That implies you have to lead some watchword to inquire about. Utilize the AdWords Keyword Planner to discover which keywords are prominent in your specialty. Connect those keywords to the product when you set everything up.


Things You Need to Consider with Senuke VPS

It’s additionally imperative to note that you shouldn’t be excessively distant. Utilize the scheduler and Loop Mode to mechanize your assignments, yet keep an eye on your crusades to ensure they are running as you might want. On the off chance that you choose not to see to what is new with your crusades, you may wind up with an issue staring you in the face.

You likewise need to consider your method when connecting to sites. The forcefulness of your connecting system ought to be founded on your sought outcomes. If you are following here and now comes about, you may need to run with a dynamic system. For instance, in case you’re making joins for a point of arrival you have set up for an item dispatch, you require prompt outcomes. Thus, you will run with an effective connecting procedure. You need individuals to tap into the connections before the dispatch, and after that, you’ll bring the site down after the dispatch. Then again, in case you’re making joins for your organization’s principal site, you have to run with a dynamic connecting technique. For this situation, you will manufacture the connections gradually after some time. This will help your long haul SEO comes about. You won’t get a ton of activity quickly, yet you will climb in the query items after some time.


Senuke VPS go together. In the event that you will exceed expectations at SEO, you can’t have one without the other. It is imperative that you pick a VPS facilitating organization that backings Senuke. That way, you can incorporate the apparatus into your virtual private server with no issue. At that point, you can start utilizing it promptly.



Marketing VPS Can Manage Your Social Media

Social media is a tricky form of media to be exact. It has an outreach of practically the whole world yet it is that much easier to access. It can be in your pocket and in front of your own world. So it is a certainty that you would gather a following among your family and friends, following means being able to keep tabs on your social activities. The digital webs of social media can open doors that you might not have thought of just five years ago. It transcends age, demographics and other boundaries of technology. So it is a certainty that you may want to integrate your business with your social media. But how will you manage all of these? Well a marketing VPS might be your answer.

Social Media perks and what you may need

 marketing VPSAs mentioned above social media is not limited to any certain age groups or demographic rather it appeals to everyone. You can see a 14 year old having facebook, twitter, instagram accounts and also see a 70+ year old grandparents doing and using the same forms of the said media. As it is the internet it also links back to many other websites where potential views may be gained. So using the social media as a marketing tool may be a very good option. But as your website maybe a very hectic thing to manage you may have to opt for a marketing VPS.

Marketing VPS essentials

A VPS is a hosting system. It is the short form for virtual; private server. It operates like your website. You are the admin of your website and you control what content you can publish and how much traffic you might have or need. The VPS server also acts in the same way.

There is a customizable control panel. In this you can have lots of software or tools that you might need for maintenance. A marketing VPS is such a package that helps to manage all your tools and in doing so manages your social media outlets as well. Marketing VPS is a package that especially helps with the marketing in social media and other outlets of your venture. It can even may a social media market outlet. These tools and a modest price tag with mid range specs are the main essentials of such a package. These specifications may be

  • Hardware: 1 CPU

                 50 GB space

                 2 GB RAM


  • Unlimited traffic
  • Administrative rights to manage the VPS suited  to user preference

What we bring to our marketing VPS

Our marketing VPS has all the basics of a perfect marketing VPS package. We also have the needed tools at our disposal as well. Our tools include

  • Microsoft Office
  • Mass Video Blaster Pro
  • Market Samurai
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mass Video Blaster Pro
  • Market Samurai
  • Money Robot
  • Pin Blaster
  • Paighambot
  • Niche Finder Mobile
  • SEO Spyglass
  • Ultimate Niche Finder
  • TwitterFilter
  • TwitterAccountManager
  • Video Marketing Blaster Pro

So you can see we have not left anything out for your convenience and we try to deliver most of the things needed in a standard marketing VPS package. I hope this has been helpful for your references. Now you can get promotions easily as well.


The Benefits of Ranking Your Website with Our Marketing Tools VPS

The benefits of ranking your website with our marketing tools VPS

When we present ourselves in front of a social ceremony of some sort we suit up, spray on the finest perfume, Wear the best shoes and on and on. We are presentable then, even likable. It attracts people to us. The things we used make us presentable to others. Such is the case with SEO. Along with a great connection, content that is true to its core and marketing tools VPS that will make sure you have done your content justice. Marketing tools VPS helps you put your content in a better light. With all the interactivity available in today’s web cont you need a very potent roster of tools to help you with that.

To acquire these tools you might have to take a heavy load of your wallet. Marketing tools VPS normally is a very expensive affair to begin with. But we can assure you our website has a great host of Marketing tools VPS to get your content ever florescent and SEO in tip top condition.

Marketing tools VPS

We can be your solution to that problem! We have the best MARKETING TOOLS VPS packages in an affordable price. With all the tinkering and customization you could ever want. We bring the best tools in a great price. Your budget wouldn’t have to leave even the double figures for that matter.

It’s all real easy. Just head over to our website and see our great MARKETING TOOLS VPS packages, compare and choose according to your needs. The CPU, RAM and Space; the specification of your need and sign up with your details. Then you’ll get an e-mail with log in details within the next 24 hours. We will set up all the rest then. Almost like a doorstep service to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

With our packages you get

*total administrative power to be in control, if you had any pre-existing tools you will get to add them to our tools as well.

* We guarantee of no hidden charges and ensure transaction transparency.

*Dedicated resources and flexibility to choose.

*Great tools like GSA, SER, GSA captcha breaker etc are included in the packages.

All in a modest price range starting from $39.90!

So if you’re looking for the best MARKETING TOOLS VPS solution in an affordable price and want your website to rank within the internet Himalayas, please trust us to help you!

Tools used in our marketing tools VPS

  • Video Marketing Blaster Pro
  • Wicked Article Creator
  • Website Auditor
  • Video Spin Blaster
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mass Video Blaster Pro
  • Market Samurai
  • Money Robot
  • Pin Blaster

Your choice

Your content is much more important for your site. From getting a fan base to getting your visitors to stay, compelling content can guide you to a great fan base thus getting you a good enough revenue. Our SEO tools will definitely bring home the gold on that event. As you just saw our VPS servers coupled with great tools described above, can shift the users to your site’s favor. Choose from the endless variety and get cracking with your rankings! Our Marketing tools VPS package will guide the way.



SEO for 2017

Google is the main search engine on the internet so when iris is the most traffic so when you are focusing on SEO you should always think about Google and also why do you actually want to get more traffic from Google well one is completely free so you don’t go for it too if you know what you’re doing you can get highly targeted traffic i’m talking about people that are really interested in the content that you have inside of your website and the third reason is if you get more traffic coming from google you can also do a lot more money on the internet so in this video I’m going to talk about SEO buckle up your seat belt and let’s get started it’s the first question is what is SEO well as he has nothing more than your optimizing your own website so you can achieve better results instead of google search engine for the search term that you’re targeting and a search term is basically anything that you go to google and he taken inside of this small search box because you want to find relevant websites to that topic so you can read more information about that topic so for example let’s say that I wanted to make some chocolate chip cookies.

I wanted to find some really amazing recipes related to that so what I would do was I would go over here and i would write something like best chocolate chip cookie recipe and this over here is exactly what is her sister miss you can also call it a keyword now once that breast google search you can see that I’m really get a listing of 10 website pages related to best shop best chocolate chip cookie recipe now let’s say that under person is trying to find more information about this and you are the person who has a website page will let it to best chocolate chip cookie recipe what you would want to accomplish through SEO it was you would want the West set page appearing on the first page of results which is this one for best chocolate chip cookie recipe and the reason why you would want to accomplish that is because this first page of results this website is over here are the ones that are receiving the most visitors because as you can see below you have several pages are related to the same topic but quite honestly it’s very rare for anyone to actually get to the second or two third page and very less to the first page of results so what most people do is they search for something that’s the best chocolate chip cookie recipe and they stick on this first page of results and they go to one of this website said they can see over here and most commonly what they do is they search for something and they immediately go to the three first web sites that they can see on this listing and I bet that this first website that you can see on this listing.

First website over here is certainly the one that is receiving the most visitors from all of the websites appearing on this listing so that’s exactly what you’re trying to accomplish when it comes to SEO you want your website to rank well on this listing so you can get more and more visitors so you want to at least try to rank on the first page of results for any search term or and if possible on the three first positions of this listing because those are the websites that will receive the most traffic from them all and when it comes to SEO there are two parts to it you have on page SEO and on page SEO is basically anything that you can do in set up a website so you can achieve better results inside of Google search engine and then you have off page SEO which is basically everything that you do.

Outsider for website so you can achieve better results in google search engine so let’s start by talking about on page SEO for you to in there then why I need to do SEO when it comes to your website the first thing that you need to understand is how exactly does google search engine actually works and over here in front of you you have a very basic image explaining exactly that it’s important to notice it’s not humans suffer from all of this work it’s not even that go from one website page to another analyze all of their content and see exactly where that website page needs to appear in Santa Google’s listing because that would be very time-consuming would be very monotonous because every single day new websites are appearing other websites are updating their content publishing new content so it would be nearly impossible for people to perform all of that work what we have is robots or you can also call them crawlers this our programs made by google and basically what they do is they go from one website they are analyzed their content see exactly what that website page talks about and based on all the time information they gather they know exactly where that website page needs to appear inside of Google’s listing and afterwards they were from the same action they jump to another website page or from the same action analyze their content and do exactly the same thing so let’s imagine that this is one of your website pages.

What happens is a crawler crawler goes to one of your website pages sees the keywords that you have inside of the website page and as I said the key word is nothing more than a search term and based on those p words they know exactly what that website page talks about and also based on the words that you have inside of that page because if you are if that page you in that page you are talking about a specific niche that many times you use words that belong to the niche and based on all of the information those robust know exactly what that page talks about and we’re in the superior instead of google listing afterwards what happens is they follow the links that you have inside of the website page and many times this may be a link to another website page that you have inside of her sight or for example if in that website page you have a link to eq pedia to another you can get to a computer page.

What happens is the robot will follow that link it will go to the wikipedia page and basically performed the same action of analyzing that page content and see exactly what a talks about so basically that’s what the robots do and they perform the same action over and over again and basically navigate throughout the web just trying to find new content so they can index it instead of google listings on page SEO has changed a lot for LT years and by this i mean in the past all that you needed to do to get a good ranking on Google was basically spent your keywords throughout your website several times and fortunately things have changed a lot since Ted and you shouldn’t do that because if you just by Merrick you were everywhere possible instead of your website you will actually get penalized by google nowadays it’s more important about thinking about user experience.


WordPress SEO 3 Tips to Rank

How to do search engine optimization or SEO for your business now SEO has changed a lot and it’s going to continue to change but there are some basic principles that can be that will be valuable to you no matter out what stage in the game you’re watching this whether it’s today or a year from today so here are the three things that we’re going to cover today number one you’ve got to be creating great content all the time regularly your website can never just sit you’re going to need to optimize that content using the wordpress SEO plugin called Yost and you’re going to want to go and download that right away third create an XML sitemap using the Yoast plug-in and send it to the search engines so that they recrawl your site this will help you to rank for those new pages immediately and put more content.

Installed Yoast plug-in for SEO and i can tell because I’ve got these SEO fields right here but I’ve also got a series of green gray red and I might even have some orange dots in here somewhere which basically means have not been optimized poorly optimized ready to optimize. There’s an orange button or yellow button that says kind of like middle of the road could use some more work so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to pick a page it’s not optimized how about my about us page and i’m going to go in here you can see I’ve already written the content here and i’m going to scroll down to the word pressed by Yoast field section down here and then I’m going to start to optimize the page by first focusing on a main keyword which would be video marketing companies and it’s going to run a test for me to find out where I’m optimized so now I need to know now.

I know that i need to add the keyword in the article heading the page title the page URL and so forth so i’m going to go ahead and get those things done right now ok now you can see that we’ve got some changes here we’ve got all the key at the keywords found where they need to be it says no right here but the key word is in the article heading so i’m not sure why that’s not working but overall you can see that we have a good check on our SEO so my goal now would be to optimize for more pages so that you have a total of five and then you can move on to your next step and xml sitemap is a file that helps Google to understand your web site structure a little bit more effectively and it makes it more crawlable and searchable for the search engines so let’s go back to my computer and take a look at what that looks like ok so we’re back in the website.

Here in the back and you can see that our about Us page has been properly optimized so now we’re gonna go to the left hand side of the screen and we’re going to scroll down to where it says SEO and we’re going to click on xml sitemaps and what we’re going to do here is generate a site map and send it for to google and that is going to recrawl the site automatically so we’re going to go up here this is really easy check this box to enable xml sitemap functionality you can retrieve your site map here which is need to kind of look at because you can see if you’ve got any dead links and things like that now what.

I have here is some general settings it’s automatically going to paint google and being but it’s not going to pay yahoo and asked , unless you click these buttons which I’ve done I am excluding a variety of my post types because i don’t want things like my images to pop up or pages that i don’t have content for like my faq for my news right these are features of my theme that I don’t need google crawling because it’s going to make me I don’t want somebody stumbling on those pages similarly I want to exclude these taxonomy is right.

I don’t want people finding my categories page or my tags page and and things like this you may opt out of that i’m not going to do that i’m going to save changes and boom it’s done it’s saved my xml sitemap and it’s automatically ping to Google and being so now Google’s going to crawl my side and they’re going to see my new pages with my new optimization and that’s going to help those pages rank faster whoa so we did a lot of stuff here today and they were really breaking down into three simple steps which is creating optimized pages this is a process that has to be going on throughout the course of your website you know build five new pages a month for example then create an XML sitemap.